Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere!!!

Misty O'Brien and her creative team have put together a fabulous blog train for you, featuring her "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere" kit. We've each made you a couple of brag book pages, so you can quickly and easily scrap those vacation photos you've been meaning to get around.


 It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere


by Misty O’Brien

available at Stuff to Scrap & Ginger Scraps


Isn't this a great kit? Fourteen papers and 42 elements worth of summertime fun! Personally, I love that lemon. Yum!'s on sale! Yep! Thirty percent off for the duration of the blog train. You can pick it up at either of Misty's stores...Stuff to Scrap or Ginger Scraps.


Here's my portion:

It’s 5 O'clock Somewhere

Misty O’Brien CT Blog Train


Click HERE or image to download from 4shared.


Don't forget to stop by everyone else's blog to pick up the rest of

your pages:


Misty’s Blog



Christie Dawn

Christine  (this is me :D)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I just got a Blog Award!!!

How cool is that!!!  Adriana just gave me this cool Blog Award, thank you sooo much Adriana, that just made my day :D







Here are the rules:
1. The winner show award image on blog
2. Link to the person who has given to the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Leave a message to the blogs you have chosen so they know they have an award.

Here are my 7 blogs:










and definitely an honorable mention would be Beth Nixon’s blog, however she is not blogging anymore :(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Captivated Visions is turning 1!!!

In Celebration of Captivated Visions Designer Birthday we are having a Birthday Bash!!
Rachel has created a brand new Full Size Page Kit which she is giving away for Free on her blog here!!

This also comes with a pack of Ten Paper Frames! In total you will receive 40 Elements, Ten Paper Frames and 12 Papers!!


This Kit is only Free until Saturday 24th Nov so make sure you grab it!!
To Coordinate with this Kit I have made an Add on Freebie for you!!

Happy Birthday

Frame Clusters

assembled by Whisper Pink

Sorry No Longer Available!!!

Cluster Frames by Whisper Pink

CREDITS: Happy Birthday by Captivated Visions

The Full list of all participating blogs is below, so hop on the train and grab your goodies!

Don't forget to wish Rachel a Happy Birthday while you are at her Blog!! - Captivated Visions – Christine (this is me :D) – Roanna – Tonje – Melissa – Chel

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Day

Well, I took Maddy and one of her friends to the Pumpkin Patch on Monday 10/11.  We had a lot of fun!!!  The girls played in the bouncy house for over an hour, and we walked through the corn maze looking for treasures of gold & silver and we even found the Tribal feather!!!  One of the things we did was of course pick out pumpkins, one for each of the girls, then one for each family, those were big ones and then two small ones each, one for each of their siblings and one for them.  Well, they wanted to be pushed around in the wheelbarrow while we looked, which was great, until we started adding all those pumpkins in, oh my Grammie is too olde to push 2 “big” girls that weigh 73# together, and then 63# of pumpkins, boy that equaled 1 tired Grammie!!!  But it was a lot of fun.  I did come home exhausted went to bed at 7:30 that night!!!  ROFL!!!


Well, I of course had to scrap the pics I took of the girls in the wheelbarrow, I used designs by my newest Creative Team Designer, My Creative Pixels.   She has really cool designs over at Elemental Scraps.  I used a few of her products to finish up this LO…here they are!!!



Carefree Whimsy

MCP-CarefreeWhimsy copy

       CAREFREE WHIMSY ALPHA                                                   ALPHA GRAPHMCP-AlphaGraph-copy





















by My Creative Pixel Designs

available at Elemental Scraps


And here is my LO of the girls in the wheelbarrow!!!


Push Us Plz

Carefree Whimsy by My Creative Pixels Designs
Carefree Whimsy Alpha by My Creative Pixels Designs
Spring Fling by My Creative Pixels Designs
Alpha Graph by My Creative Pixels Designs


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Haunting

Well, last year Marc got it in his big head to take us to the Haunted House in Seattle in the old George Town Morgue. We dressed in our Pirate’s garb and headed there. As we walked through the morgue/haunted house, Marc went down in one section that had the strobes going…so I yelled “Man down” well with the lights still strobing, Marc saw Dracula with blood teeth with the starched shirt running towards him, when he turned his head the other direction there was a werewolf coming down on him, they only wanted to help him, but he just had come through the body bag section, so he wasn’t letting anyone come near him…once we got through the haunted house we decided that we would never go through one again!!! Until Marc came home this year and asked me if I wanted to go again, I told him I would go but stay outside while he went through…he decided against it!!! Phew!!!

Well last year I did get some pictures and Alicia Murphy has been doing some “Friday Freebies” on her blog, and I snagged her “Autumn Harvest” and scrapped the “creature” that stood on top of the Haunted Morgue. Alicia is giving this away as a Quick Page on her blog along with a few she made for this weeks “Friday Freebie”. Go snag it here, along with the kit :D

Autumn Harvest

the Papers the Alpha



the Elements

DigiDesignz_AutumnHarvest_ElementFreebieby Alicia Murphy

available free on her blog Digi Designz

My LO:

Happy Haunting Credits: Autumn Harvest

by Alicia Murphy

available for free on her blog

Digi Designz

New Fall Season

I did this LO for a “Spring” type Australian Challenge over at Daydreamer Designworks

Words to Dream By: #4 Oct 15~31st


Well...if definitely ain't spring here, in fact everything is falling off our trees, the colors are just as gorgeous as spring colors...but things are dying here in preparation for winter!!! But with our Fall Season comes the NEW Fall TV Season, so I took the “New” aspect of the inspiration and did the "Top 10 New Fall Shows" (according to TV Guide) is that for stretching the prompt!!! I used Karen Lewis Designs


So here is the wonderful kit I used a Colab by Karen Lewis Designs and Doohickey Designs My Little Pumpkin & Karen Lewis Designs WordArt Wonders #8 available at Daydreamer Designworks, I teamed them up with Litabell’s Designs “Take One~Vol 1” Templates coming to DRS soon.



               My Little Pumpkin                                                WordArt Wonders #8

My little Pumpkin Patch previewWordart Wonders Vol 8 Preview

      Colab by  Karen Lewis Designs                                by Karen Lewis Designs

           & Doohickey Designs                                available at Daydreamer Designworks     



Take One ~ Vol 1

by Litabell’s Designs

coming to Digi_ridoo Scraps soon



Now mind you, we don’t watch TV cause we don’t have cable, though I have found “Fancast” and can watch some of the cooking shows I like :D  Wish they would get all the eposides of “Top Chef” though!!!  but I love watching “Iron Chef America”.  Here is my LO!!!



New Fall Shows

(according to TV Guild)

New Fall Season


My Little Pumpkin by Karen Lewis Designs & Doohickey Designs
WordArt Wonders #8 by Karen Lewis Designs
Take One ~ Volume 1 by Litabells Designs coming soon to Digi_ridoo Scraps

Haystack by Jady Day Studio
Picture from TV Guide Ad on Web


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Veggies anyone

So with this really cool camping kit I got from Misty O’Brien “Fort Wilderness”, I did this second LO cause the kit was just sooo fun to work with, I teamed it up with one of Lita’s cool templates too!!!


So here is the product I used:








    Available at Gingerscraps & Stuff to Scrap






Take Three ~ Volume 1 by Litabells Designs coming soon to Digi_ridoo Scraps



And here is the LO I did :D


VEGGIES ANYONE Veggies anyone 600 dpi

A Chipmunk on one of our camping trips that we were feeding

peanuts and even broccoli to, he certainly loved his veggies!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Fun = Maddy Play date!!!

Well, I have been missing my time of one on one with Maddy, I think it’s been since the end of August that we have had just her and me time!!!  So Friday, we went to lunch with my DIH Brooke (her Mom), her Grandma Oliver and of course, Ashley (she didn’t eat…LOL!!!).  Then Maddy and I took off for a few hours of Maddy and Me time!!!  We went out to 410 highway to this pumkin patch, the same one I took her to last year, cause it had the bouncy house, and I let her bounce around in that, and of course, me being the scrapper I am, couldn’t pass up a photo op, and Maddy was sooo good and posed sooo cute for a few pics.  She also feed the goats, she really liked how they tickled her hand with their tongue when they took the pellets from it. 


So I teamed up one of the photo’s I took with a challenge over at DigiChick and made this LO with Michelle Batton’s neat kit “September Days Revamped” along with her matching alpha and her “Just a bit Brassy” Alpha.  I also used one of Litabells Templates which will be available at DRS soon!!!  Oh yeah Lita asked me to be on her CT and of course I couldn’t turn that gig down!!!  WOOOHOOO!!!  So lots of previews to show you :D


September Days Revamped

                  the alpha                                                                    the Kit




               the Package                                                   Beth Basic Blenders


                                                                                         I also used these

                                                                                    basic blenders on this LO                      

Michelle’s products available at her DigiChick Store


the  September Days Revamped the Collection


Available at DigiChick



 Litabells Template    Litabells1

Take Three ~ Volume 1 by Litabells Designs coming soon to Digi_ridoo Scraps


and without further ado…the LO:


Fall Fun

Fall Fun


September Days Revamped by Michelle Batton
September Days Alpha by Michelle Batton
Just a Bit Brassy Alpha by Michelle Batton
Beth's Basic Blenders by Michelle Batton
Every Life Has a Story~Chapter 3 by the Digichick Designers
Take Three ~ Volume 1 by Litabells Designs coming soon to Digi_ridoo Scraps

Mask set 3 by Tracie Stroud

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A new Guest CT Appearance for Me :D

Hiya all!!!  I was selected to a Guest CT appearance for Misty O’Brien for the months of October, November and December.  I am sooo excited!!!  So she has this really cute, fun kit for camping…is that any better for Marc and my activities!!!   So take a look at this fab kit…


Fort Wilderness

                    The Kit                                                                   the alpha    




and even Glitter Styles!!!

MOB_FW_GlitterPreview Fort Wilderness available at Misty’s Store at Stuff to Scrap

and coming soon to Gingerscraps

Images are linked to Misty’s Stuff to Scrap Store :D


Well in June 2009, Marc and I went camping over Chinook (the highest pass in Washington State) to Bumping Crossing and we did a bit of “Swamp Creeping”…Marc style!!!  The snow was melted and in it’s place were little water “holes”, so with camera’s in hand, we went to search out little critters, and found the cutest little frog.  We sat and photographed him for over an hour, he was such a wonderful model, hmmm or was he just trying to stay still and  pretend we weren’t there???  Oh well, we didn’t hurt him, but came away with some fun photos of him!!!  So here is my LO of our “Swamp Creeping” experience!!!


Swamp Creeping

June 2009

Swamp Creeping 600dpi

CREDITS:  Fort Wilderness Page Kit and Alpha

by Misty O’Brien Designs

available at Stuff to Scrap


Gonna have to go play again with this kit, it was just sooo much fun!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Blog Look

Have  you  seen the new Guild Membership kit!!!  Man is it to die for, but you don’t have to die just head over there and join the Guild, you get the kit and the ezine “Artisan Notebook” with your membership, and it’s well worth it, actually even more than worth it!!!  Well, my blogs new look is with the new October Membership Kit.  Take a look at the preview, it is just scrumptious with all the beautiful colors and the elements are awesome!!!!




October 2009 “Autumn Reprieve” Guild Membership kit

by the Guild Designers

click here to inquire about membership

with membership you also not only receive this gorgeous kit

but also the e-zine “Artisan Notebook”


This months e-zine is on mosaics, and soo much more!!!


So I did my new blog look with the kit and I did a couple of LO’s also, so here they are…


Top of the World

Top of the World


October 2009 “Autumn Reprieve” Guild Membership kit

by the Guild Designers


I told you all my DBF likes to spoil me, he took me to the Top of the World Restaurant in the Stratosphere for my 50th, what a beautiful place and wonderful scenery!!!  The restaurant rotates while you eat so you get a view of area from up top of the tower, just like the Space Needle, which he took me to a few years back for my birthday too!!!   He is special!!!  They also came around and took our pictures which are what I used for the blog, aren’t they great, I don’t usually like pics of me, but I was happy with these!!!  And I am working on another LO which I hope to post tomorrow.  You really should go get this kit and join the Guild!!!  Til later…Cheers!!!

Well the birthday month is gone…

and Fall is here!!!  I have put away the fans and cleaning the heaters to start them up.  Sweats are out with socks and slippers and our blankets…yep, no denying it, the cold is soon to come, in fact I think it is already here!!!


But for right now I want to remember the warmth from Las Vegas, most days were in the 90’s, it was sooo nice to be warm!!!  I have to admit Yuma and Mexico were a bit too hot for us so we stayed in the air conditioning as much as possible, but it was fun to go see the property in Yuma!!! 


On the few giveaways I did here is the list of winners:


Blog giveaways:

Week 1 :  Karen and Kyle  (haven’t heard from her yet)

Week 2  & 3:  Since there were only two that submitted both won

5peasinapod and Christy


At Daydreamer Designworks:

Week 1:  3 Scrappin' the Brat

Week 2:  *Angie*

Week 3:  Happy 2 Day

Week 4:  gonewiththewind


At the Guild the 6 month membership went to

Happy 2 Day


Thank you everyone for all your Great stories, kit ideals and wonderful wishes!!!  I had a wonderful birthday.  I am trying to blog about the week on our Seattle Fans Blog if you are interested in reading and seeing some of our pics!!!