Thursday, May 15, 2008

What do you Remember??

Maggie at the Guild is running this Journaling Challenge and it just made me crack up, and also made me realize just how old I her challenge was to blog or journal something that you Remember...Well, with the price of gas, I have to go with that one...
I can remember going to the gas station with my Daddy and it costing 29 cents a gallon, and my Daddy thinking, that it was just soooo expensive, he would rant and rave over the fact that he had to pay 29 cents a gallon. Well, then I can remember about the time that I started to drive gas was just raising in was 39 cents a gallon and then all the sudden it was ... oh my ... 59 cents a gallon. Well on a teenager, babysitting don't have a real job wages...that was just like oh my how will I get to the mall or my friends house, I don't have enough gas and no money to buy any...bummer, guess I have to walk :( . So now I reflect back on this and say, gosh I want 59 cent gasoline, cause it is costing me $100.00 to fill my truck up at $3.89 a gallon...yep, that was then in the 1970's and this is now in 2008. Oh to be young again!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

WOW...I am just Blown away!!!

I am just sooo excited and blown away all at the same time!!! I made the Creative Team over at The Guild...all of the applicants did such fabulous work, so I was just shocked to find out I made the team, I have to say it feels good to make this team, it is something I have wanted for a long long time :D
Here are my LO's for the contest (notice which one my blog header looks like :D)
This one is of none other than my "Sweet & Sassy" Granddaughter, gotta love her to pieces :D

CREDITS:"Freestyle Frolic" April 08 Guild Membership Kit by the Guild Designers (kit includes papers, elements, and alpha)Model my DGDand lots of information from the Artisan Notebook April 08 issue.

Why Pink!?!

Yep, who would have thunk I would do a LO about "Why Pink!?!" go figure!!! and Yep this is the one I used to do my Blog Header, isn't it cool!!!

What a fun LO to do and it is just sooo ME!!!
CREDITS April 2008 "Freestyle Frolic" Guild Membership Kit.
"Text Alpha Overlays" that was a bonus from April 08 Artisan Notebook issue
Christie Franchioni's "DSAG Just Plain Dottie" Font for my word Pink throughout my journaling.
This was my heritage entry, and I
didn't have any heritage pictures since Mom has them all in California, so, Paula from work lent me some of hers and I chose this one of her Grandma, but for the journaling I applied it to me and what I remember of the love me and my siblings had for one another.
"Vintage Valentine" February 08 Guild Membership Kit by the Guild Designers (kit includes papers, elements & alpha)Picture from Family album of friend Paula GibbonsMany wonderful tibets and information on Heritage scrapping from the Artisan Notebook Feb 08 issue.
Thanks for looking, and I should be adding lots more to this blog, since I will need to make sure I get my 5 LO's a month done for the Guild...shouldn't be a see I have learned alot over at the Guild and I seem to be able to scrap faster, cause I think it makes more sense :D

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Playing and OUCHY!!!

Well, I thought I would gross you all out with pics of my Owie and it gave me a reason to play with my new toys. Took the second pic with my new flash (that I still don't know how to use) used my new remote, WOW was that cool and the tripod. Was alot of fun!!! Here are my owies:
This one was taken on Friday evening the 9th of May, 2008, right after I took the bandaid off. I didn't have all my new toys yet :(

This one was taken Saturday/Sunday right after midnight so technically it's Mother's Day 2008 5/9. It is looking better, but it still hurts some and is starting to get to the itchy stage :(
this one I used my new flash, remote (way cool) and tripod!!! Fun even if it is about my owie :D

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I helped the Economy

Well...Excitement...I got my money from the IRS...and yep I did exactly what they wanted us to do put it back into the economy :D!!! I went and purchased an external flash, a remote, a new battery, an ultravioleta filter for my new bigger lens, and a small tri pod all for my rebel YAY!!! Now I just need to figure out how to use them ... eek ... thus no pics :D

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feel Sorry for Me!?!

Ok ... Thought I would update again...not alot to say, and I never know what to say :D

Today I finally went to the doctor to have the splotch on my face looked at again, back in 2002 they said it was pre cancerous and to just watch it, but took three smallers spots closer to my left ear off as they were skin cancer. Well then about 2 years ago the one on my face started growing and bothering me more and more, so I finally got an appt to see a specialist and went in today. He gave me three choices, he said he thought it was still in the pre stages, so the choices were.

1. I could continue to watch it

2. He could do a scrap and bioposy it

3. Use a cream that would like disolve it off

Well with my past history of having 4 skin cancers removed (one from a curling iron) I chose to play it save and have it scrapped and biopsied. So they numbed the spot and took a piece of it and then scrapped it with a razor blade. it stayed numb until about 15 minutes ago 22oo, now it is starting to sting :( is a self portrait of it ... do you feel sorry for me yet!?!