Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bumping up!!! Celebrating 1/2 Century all Month Long!!!

Yep…I am turning the big 5…0!!! And instead of getting all depressed and morning my youth, I thought I would celebrate all month long with you all!!! So first on my agenda was to give my blog a face lift!!! Isn’t it fun…I used Amy Stoffel’s awesome “I’m this Many” available at Scrap Orchard!!! I even made me a new avatar and a siggy for at some of my sites with her kit!!!

Birthday Avatar

Birthday Avatar Credits:

I’m this Many by LCC Amy Stoffel

Second, I decided that at a few of my sites I am gonna give birthday goodies away and also here at my blog. So every week I am gonna give away a gift cert to the store of the winners choice, here at my blog, to a random winner. Then you will also want to head over to Daydreamer Designworks and check out the thread there, cause I will be giving away a Gift Cert to their store every week also!!! And I am working on another one also, so check back to find out if it went through, (really shouldn’t be a problem, but I want to make sure before I post it!!!)

The third partying I will be doing is with my wonderful DBF, Marc, who after I told him it would be fun to be in Las Vegas for my 50th, booked us 8 days there!!!

Let’s make this week fun…everyone that wants to be put into the drawing for this weeks store of their choice GC, please post how you celebrated your funniest birthday!!! Sooo wooohoooo lets start partying my 1/2 Century!!!!


Lita said...

Love the positive spin on things Chris - you're a gem you know that!

I guess I'd best post my funniest birthday...hands down, would have to be my 23rd - I had a costume party, where Cam came as god, and i came as the devil ROFL

Karen and Kyle said...

My funniest birthday was my 17th. I thought my friend was planning a surprise party for me so I sat around all day waiting. Nothin. Hmph. Then the next day she had me help her with a scavenger hunt for another friend...and it ended at my house for my surprise birthday party! :D She even decorated my cake with goldfish crackers (too bad I didn't get a pic for cake wrecks!)

Happy birthday!!

Christy said...

I hope you have a great month celebrating! :)

My best and funniest birthday was my 33rd birthday. My DH and DDs took me camping on the beach. We cooked outside, played in the Gulf, picked out shells, and gotted rained on in our tent all night. :) I had so much fun. We also found one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants while we were there. Can't beat that.

Whisper Pink said...

ok and this weeks winner is....using my DBF to pick a number between 1 & 3 and he said *cracking up laughing* 2...he said it was between!!! So winner is...

Karen and Kyle, please email me with your choice of store, your real name, user name at that site and I will send you a GC from that store. Thanks for playing and remember I will be doing this 3 more times this month, plus some other giveaways I have planned :D
Don't forget to go register at Daydreamer Designworks also for a GC there each week and over at the Guild a 6month membership to their site!!!

Whisper Pink said...

Duh!!! forgot to put my email addy...use this one :D